Ravello Systems has announced free lab service for all 2015 vExperts, which offers 1,000 free CPU hours per month for personal or home lab use.

I was lucky enough to be one of the early VMware on AWS VIP Pass users, and I’ve been working on several setups the last few weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to make those available as blueprints in the new Ravello Repo, once they are ready for publishing.

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The recent months, and weeks, has made me question the value of the “vCommunity”. I’m even questioning if there really is such a thing at all any more. I believe there was such a thing at one point, but it seems to be fading fast into history, only to be replaced by hyperbole of egonormous proportions. Back in the old days, and this might just be me showing my greying of beards moment, the hyperbole wasn’t a strong a force as it seems to be today. As clickbait replaces journalism, hyperbole and FUD seems to be replacing what used to be based on technical merit.

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The new VMware Software Manager, which was released at the same time as vSphere 6, is a great way to get your download ducks in a row, and not manually download all the different vSphere pieces one by one.

But all these downloads sure eat up disk space, and if you, like me, chose the wrong download location while installing VMware Software Manager what do you do? There is no way in the web interface to change the download directory after installation, so how do you change it? There is a way through the GUI as well, but here is how to do it manually:

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As has become a yearly tradition, the vote is on. Pick your favorite VMware & virtualization blogs and give Eric Siebert loads of work.

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Last year, in November, the first ever meeting in VMUG Norway took place in my hometown of Bergen, and since then there has been meetings in Oslo, Trondheim and a second one in Bergen as well.

Getting the Norwegian VMUG up and running was a long process. I decided to have a go at it, and I spent a lot of time talking to people, thinking, planning and generally wondering how we could get it started and how to proceed. Some might say an inordinate amount of time, and they are right. I’m lucky to have talented and passionate people on board with me for this, this is not something I have done on my own. But, someone had to get the ball rolling.

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In my work as a consultant I often have many small tasks to perform for customers, all while completing a bigger project. I have found that an easy way to keep track of all the little and big changes, is to create a ChangeLog. Normally ChangeLog’s are referenced in development projects, but it also sense to use it to track of your own, or your team members, changes to an infrastructure environment.

As for just about everything else, I use Markdown to make it easy to format and edit.

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The VMware Certified Design Expert: VCDX. THE certification of certifications, especially if you work with VMware based solutions. It’s often regarded as the holy grail of certifications, and rightfully so.

But why is this the case, and why does “everyone” want to become one?

The reasons for it being such a highly coveted title, are pretty obvious:

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Have you ever wondered what happens if you give 10.000 people access to an open-beta that is supposed to be under NDA?

Firstly, the NDA is no-go from the get-go. There is no way you can claim that you actually expect 10.000 people to not talk about something they know about. VMware vSpere 6.0 was the worst kept secret ever, for a reason. It might have been planned that way all along for all I know, but if that was the case, the NDA should never have been in place to begin with.

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New Update: #

Alex Jauch, VAIO Product Manager has provided an update on why there there has been so little information available, and when to expect that to change.

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So, the cat formerly known as is finally out of it’s rather big bag, and vSphere 6.0 has been officially announced and will be available some time in Q1 (no date has been announced yet). There is enough of posts going into details on what is new and what has been announced, so I won’t be going over that right now. If you want to hear me talk about vSphere 6.0 and related news, you can always attend VMUG Norway on the 19th of february.

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