VMware VCAP-DCD Boot Camp

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A while before VMworld Europe 2013 in Barcelona, I was lucky enough to be asked by John Arrasjid if I wanted to help out reviewing the new VCAP-DCD boot camp VMware Education has been working on. So far the VCAP Design Boot Camp has been tested in Spain, Singapore, and Malaysia, with over 300 participants so far.

In addition to this, a two part vBrownbag series covering the boot camp content was recorded and released:

If you are considering doing the VCAP-DCD certification, or even just curious about this advanced certification content and process, this is a must watch.

If you get the chance to physically attend one of the boot camps, do it!

I was able to join one of the first ones held, in Barcelona, and I must say it´s a bit of an eye-opener when it comes to understanding how the VCAP-DCD exam designed and scored.

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