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Now that the VMworld events are over for 2010, I’m still trying to digest a lot of the impressions I’ve had over the past few days.

However, I do have a couple of suggestions I would like to voice:

  • Add contact information to the attendee badge!

Just like David Owen (@vMackem) suggested, adding Twitter ID and blog link to the attendee badge would make it easier to keep track of everyone you meet up with. I would even take it a a step further, and actually add a QR code with the contact info in it directly to the badge. That way, we could all run around and scan each other! (Not as dirty as it might sound!). No more need for business card exchanges, business cards you eventually lose anyway.

  • Lab availability at the event

I’ve mentioned that I want the labs extended to year round online availability in all it’s cloudiness, but how about giving attendees the possibility to run the labs from their own computers while at VMworld? Thanks for that idea, gcballard!

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