Book Recommendations August 2018

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Book Recommendations August 2018 #

Every now and then new vSphere related “must-have” books are released, and this month there is no less than two of them, namely the vSphere 6.7 Clustering Deep Dive and VDI Design Guide: A comprehensive guide to help you design VMware Horizon, based on modern standards.

vSphere 6.7 Clustering Deep Dive #

This updated version (the 5th version) covers vSphere 6.7, and it’s a real brick.

Written by Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping and Niels Hagoort, clocking in at 566 pages in total, it contains a wealth of knowledge!

Topics covered:

  • vSphere HA
  • vSphere DRS
  • vSphere Storage DRS
  • vSphere Storage I/O Control
  • vSphere Network I/O Control
  • vSphere Stretched Clusters

I’d like to hightlight the last one on that list; Stretched Clusters or vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC). This chapter is an entire use-case, with requirements and constraints and a real world implementation scenario. It includes, amongst other things, DRS/HA settings, affinity rules, and detailed failure scenarios. That chapter alone is worth the cost of the book!

Combined with the vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive, you get the vSphere 6.x Deep Dive Resource Kit — Something that every vSphere administrator out there should have readily available.

I’ve purchased both these for the entire SDDC-team in Proact Norway; they are just that essential.

VDI Design Guide: A comprehensive guide to help you design VMware Horizon, based on modern standards #

The winner when it comes to the longest book title, by far, is this book by Johan van Amersfoort (The Bearded VDI Junkie). Besides it’s long, and impressive title, it is a must have for anyone looking at Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for their environment.

Based on the VMware VCDX methodology, it guides you through the many potential pitfalls when it comes to virtualizing your desktops and end-user applications, as well as serve a great go-to reference. Real-world scenarios always make for the best learning experience, and this book is based around just that.

Topics covered:

  • Sizing
  • Multi-site Architectures
  • VDI in SDDC environments (NSX/vSAN)
  • Profile Strategies
  • Application Delivery
  • Windows 10 as a VDI Desktop OS
  • Monitoring and Security
  • GPUs

Well done Johan, and I love those whiteboard-style diagrams!

Support these great authors and their efforts, and grab your copies now! Trust me, they're all are well worth it!

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