VMware vSphere 6.7u1 — What's New?

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vSphere 6.7u1 Announced at VMworld 2018 US #

Another VMworld, another vSphere announcement. vSphere 6.7u1 comes with a bunch of new features and capabilities, some of which are listed below:

Feature Complete HTML5 Client #

Finally the HTML5 client is feature complete! It’s been a long wait, but in v6.7u1 it’s here! With improved search, support for Auto Deploy, Host Profiles and vCenter High Availability (VCHA) this is your new home as a vSphere admin.

vCenter Appliance Improvements #

  • vCenter High Availability (VCHA)
    • vSphere Client (HTML5) improved workflow
    • Auto detects when VCSA is being managed
    • REST APIs
    • Auto clone creation option for passive and witness nodes
    • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Built-in Firewall
    • The vCenter Appliance now comes with a built-in firewall that is manages through VAMI.
  • Converge Tool
    • This new tool enables moving of external PSC’s (even load balanced ones) into an internal PSC, which is the preferred option going forward.
  • Improved Content Library
    • Deploy from, Clone to, and Sync OVF and OVA templates
    • Guest customization
    • Support for native OVA and VMTX
    • Deploy from or Clone to
    • ISO mounting support
    • Store other files such as scripts
  • Cluster Quickstart
    • The vSphere Cluster Quickstart is a new cluster, host and network configuration workflow. It enables easy addition of new or existing hosts, in bulk, with built-in pre-checks and recommendations. This complements the vSAN Easy Install wizard, for end-to-end greenfield deployments.


Happy VMworld everyone, and happy 20 Year Anniversary VMware

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