IT Architect Series: Stories From the Field, Volume 2

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Another book in IT Architect series has finally been released: IT Architect Series: Stories from the Field, Volume 2

This is the follow up to Volume 1, which was released back in 2020.

I have had the privilege of making a chapter contribution to this second volume, just as I did for the first one, joining an all star list of seasoned IT-professionals. Dont just take my word for it though, listen to Steve

Order your copy today! — I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy of it!

And who knows, perhaps there’s even a Volume 3 in the works?

Book Details #

Pages: 233

Synopsis #

What is it like to be engaged on an IT project when it turns into a horror story?! Volume 2 continues with more stories from leading IT Professionals who describe their most challenging Datacenter projects and provide insights into why failures occurred, including lessons learned and what they would do differently. Recommended reading for members of the IT Community who deliver solutions in the field and want to avoid learning the hard way

Table Of Contents #

  • My Lessons in ROI
  • A Cut Too Far
  • Assumptions to the Rescue
  • Assumptions are the Root of All Evil
  • A Flip of the Switch
  • If You Do Not Ask, You Do Not Get
  • Father Time
  • Stakeholders, Requirements, and the Project
  • Confidence Is Key
  • Stand by Your Team
  • Is Your Cloud White, Black, or Gray?
  • Holy Grail – What a Fail!
  • None of Their Business
  • Alignment, Cooperation, and Evaluation
  • Sometimes Compression Matters
  • When the Levee Breaks
  • Design by License
  • Admitting Defeat
  • Chasing a Unicorn
  • The Perils of Overselling
  • The Greener Grass of Greenfield?
  • Purpose and Scope
  • Observe, Learn, and Say Something
  • Stories from the Field: Retrospective
  • IT Architect Series and Other Works
  • About the Editors and the Artist

Authors and Contributors #

Editor-in-chief: Matthew Wood

Managing editor: John Arrasjid

Selected by: Mark Gabryjelski

Foreword by: Steve Kaplan

Cover design or artwork by: Ioannis

Authors: Abdullah Abdullah, Chris Noon, Chris Porter, Christian Mohn, Dave Cook, Doug Baer, Faisal Hasan, Graham Barker, , Jason Yao, Jeffrey Kusters, Joe Clarke, John Arrasjid, Matthew Wood, Matthieu Braga, Marco Lopez, Mark Gabryjelski, Michael Francis, Paul Cradduck, Phoebe Kim, Russell Pope, Sachin Dharmadhikari, Steve Kaplan, Tony Foster, Wesley Geelhoed, Yves Sandfort.

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