IT Architect Series: Stories From the Field, Vol. 1

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A new book, the fourth in the series, from the crew behind the IT Architect series of books has finally been released: IT Architect Series: Stories From the Field, Vol. 1.

Synopsis #

What is it like to be engaged on an IT project when it turns into a horror story?! Thirty-five prominent IT professionals describe their most challenging datacenter projects and provide insights into why failures occurred, including lessons learned and what they would do differently. Recommended reading for members of the IT community who deliver IT solutions in the field and want to avoid learning the hard way…

I have been fortunate enough to be able to contribute one of the chapters in this book, alongside quite an all star list of a total of thirty five contributors.

I have also contributed as an editor for quite a few of the stories. In my opininion, this is another must have book for all aspiring and existing IT infrastructure architects and fits in really well with the previously released books in the IT Architect Series.

Since the book highlights failures in IT projects, and lessons learned all stories has been anonymized and which author has contributed which story is left as a guessing exercise for the readers. Each of the stories hightlights potential pitfalls and paths to resolve issues that might arise in IT architecture projects, as well as provide some background into why something failed. I am sure this will be a very useful resource for many, as well as provide real world learning based on real projects.

Contributors #

The list of contributes is quite a list, and I’m honored to be amongst them!

Abdullah Abdullah, Johan van Amersfoort, John Yani Arrasjid, Steve Athanas, Marco van Baggum, René van den Bedem, Doug Baer, Daemon Behr, Hans Bernhardt, Michael Berthiaume, Jayson Block, Wayne Conrad, Paul Cradduck, Sachin Dharmadhikari, Tony Foster, Mark Gabryjelski, Faisal Hasan, Ray Heffer, John Kozej, Christopher Kusek, Sean Massey, Wences Michel, Christian Mohn, Geoffrey O’Brien, Josh Odgers, David Quinney, Bas Raayman, Yves Sandfort, Rachit Srivastava, Jorge Torres, Raman Veeramraju, Matthew Wood, Szymon Ziolkowski, Chip Zoller.

Details #

  • Associate editor: Mark Gabryjelski
  • Cover design or artwork by: Ioannis Dangerous Age
  • Editor-in-chief: Matthew Wood
  • Managing editor: John Yani Arrasjid
  • Paperback: 291 pages
  • Language: English

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Order your copy today! #

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