VMworld Europe 2018 Sessions and Some Advice

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Get your scheduling hat on, and get on it now before all the sessions you would like to attend are unavailable!

VMware has opened the session builder for VMworld Europe 2018, and quite a few sessions are already fullly booked. Do not despair though, if your chosen session is full, there is still a chance that some sessions will get additional slots, as well as the possibility for walk-ins at the time of the sessions. Odds are that quite a few people who have scheduled a given session don’t show up and that will open up slots for those waiting at the door.

There is also the option to download the sessions you don’t get a chance to attend live. Check out William Lam’s list of Direct playback & download URLs for all VMworld 2018 US Sessions — the European ones will naturally be available after VMworld Europe 2018.

As a rather seasoned VMworld attendee, I will offer some advice; Do not go overboard when scheduling.

It’s easy to cram in loads of sessions in your schedule, but if you do that I can guarantee that you will not be able to attend them all! You do not want to have 3 days fully packed with sessions, end-to-end, without a chance to breathe between them. You will only end up running between conference rooms, and wear yourself out to the point where you will not be able to absorb the information in the sessions you attend anyway.

Choose and pick a select subset of the sessions. Check their descriptions properly, and make sure they are at the level of technicality you’re looking for. There quite a diffference between and overview and a deep dive, at least there should be. If you are in doubt, you sre probably better of downloading the US version of the session and watch it when you have time, or wait until the European video is published and see if after the conference.

A couple of other scheduling tips #

  • The sessions are not listed by day, but if you search for “tuesday”, you’ll get the sessions for that day.
  • Use the My Schedule view to pick a time slot you want to fill, hit the + sign and find a session for that slot. This makes it easier to make sure you have air between your scheduled sessions!
  • Use the Add Personal Time option wisely. Take blocks of time out of your schedule, and think about want you want to use it for. Perhaps visit the Solutions Expo and that vendor booth you wanted to check out, or hang out in the blogger space.
  • Check out the VMTN/vBrownbag schedule (search for VMTN), loads of great content is scheduled there as well so make sure you account for that too.

VMworld is so much more than the sessions. It is fun and for many (including me) it’s mostly meeting new and old friends and frankly, it is exhausting. Remember to take time to decompress and relax as well!

VMworld is a marathon, it is not a sprint!

See you there!

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