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As previously announced, I’ll be offering headshots for anyone who pops by at the announced times. After having a look at the VMworld layout this yeah, I’ve found a spot where I can set up everything without causing anyone trouble.

Sadly there was not enough available space at the VMTN and VMware {code} area, but luckily there was some space nearby that I can use!

At the very end of 6.0 (the hall where the main entrance is), and before the escalators and the entrance to 7.0 Solutions Exchange, there is a hallway on the left hand side when heading towards the Solutions Exchange (see the venue map). I will make sure that those manning the booth in the VMTN and VMware {code} area knows where it is, as well as the vBrownbag crew.

Hallway at the end of 6.0

There is even a black drape hanging from the ceiling, so there should not be any problems with light spill into the nearby booths either. I will set up “shop” there tomorrow, and here’s the agenda again for good measure:

The Times and location #

Tuesday 6th October14:30 - 15:30Hallway at the end of 6.0
Wednesday 7th October14:30 - 15:30Hallway at the end of 6.0
Thursday 8th October14:30 - 15:30 *Hallway at the end of 6.0

* Cancelled due to solutions exchange closing early.

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