vNinja 10 Years

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Juli 21st marks the 10th anniversary of! #

3654 days.
120 months.
10 years.
2010 to 2020.
A decade.
That is a long time.

A lot has changed in these 10 years, and looking back at my first post on this site makes that very evident — the name even changed, pre launch! The original name was vmaware and I even had the domain registered and configured, but before I made the site live I found out someone else was already using that, but under a different tld. Luckily I caught it, rookie mistake on my part — I know, before I launched the site and changed it to vNinja instead. was powered by Wordpress from the start, until I moved it over to Hugo in 2018 — incidentally almost to the day eight years after going live, so this also marks two years of running Hugo as the site generator. If I had noticed at the time I would have postponed the switch a couple of days to have it aligned.

Clearly the focus has been more on virtualization and specifically the VMware suite of products, more than any other technology I mentioned in my first post, but like everything else in life, it evolves. Who knows what is going to change in the next ten years? I sure don’t, so I won’t be making any predictions.

Content Statistics #

Ten years online has resulted in a bit of content, and a quick line and word count resulted in the following raw statistics:

  • Total number of posts: 357 (~ ls -la | wc -l)
  • Total number of lines: 18.742 (~ cat * | wc -l)
  • Total number of words: 136.548(~ cat *| wc -w)

A “novel length” book is usually between 70.000 and 110.000 words, I guess I’ve published enough content to actually go beyond that definition. It’s even closing in on it being two short novels, in total. Not that I think any of the stuff I’ve published here should ever really be found in print, it’s still fun to think about.

As far as traffic goes, I don’t really keep too track of it, so I wouldn’t know many hits or pageviews the site has have over the years. It’s been a bit, that much I can say.

Guest Authors and Posts #

Over the years, there has been a total of four guest authors, providing total of 5 posts:

Huge thanks to everyone who has actually read some, or all of it, over the years — it’s much appreciated!

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