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Guest Post #


This is a guest post by Stine Elise Larsen, Senior Datacenter Consultant for Proact. #

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VMware Explore Barcelona 2023 is upon us and if you are travelling for the first time or just looking for some general tips about the conference, look no further. I previously wrote about my experience traveling to VMware Explore last year. It was my first trip to VMware Explore, which was also my first big convention.

My tips will be a characterized by Explore being downsized last year before a lot of last minute registrations, so everything was very crowded. Which leads me to my first tip:

Sessions #

Go to the content catalog and book the sessions you want to attend. The sessions tend to be filled up quite quickly so if you don’t get a spot, add the session as a favorite and show up before it starts. Sometimes people overbook and then don’t show up for all the sessions they book. It’s also important to not overbook yourself.

Remember that you need time to move from one session to another and need time to eat, have a break etc.

I recommend the sessions held by my friend and colleague Christian Mohn:

And the session held by my friend Rudi Martinsen:

They are both extremely technically skilled and they hold very good presentations.

The Venue #

Bring comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking back and forth at the venue for days. You’ll end up standing around and talking to a lot of people, so I’d recommend some good trainers. Bring a good backpack for your laptop, chargers and whatever else you’ll need to spend hours away from the hotel. If you’re like me and love some good merch, you’ll also need space for that.

Social Events #

There are a lot of social events you can attend at night. Remember to not overbook yourself to avoid becoming so tired you need to skip some of the sessions you’ve been wanting to attend.

Lastly, I just want to say get everywhere you really want to attend early and remember to have fun!

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