VMware Cloud on AWS — New Amazon EC2 elastic, bare-metal instance for vSAN

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VMware vSAN utilizing Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) is an interesting one. Being able to independently increment storage in the VMC without adding compute nodes is a feature that has been missing, until now.

Customers of VMware Cloud on AWS will now be able to scale storage independently of compute, by adding new EBS storage nodes.

Overview #

R5.Metal Physical Host Configuration #

  • ​3 disk groups per host
  • All storage provided by EBS GP2
  • Raw capacity tier of 15-35TB
    • Configured at Cluster creation
    • 5TB increments ​Compression Enabled
Sockets per Host2
Cores per Socket24
Cores per Host48
Threads per Host96
Memory768 GB
StorageEBS GP2

Note: This new storage cluster needs to be added to an existing SDDC and cannot be the first cluster that is provisioned in the customer environment.

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