Like Sam and Simon over at I’ve done a quick GDPR-related overhaul of the site.

Like the two English scholars and gentlemen, I’ve created the required Privacy Policy page. I’ve also deleted all existing comments on the site, and disabled comments sitewide — hopefully that’s enough.

Oh, joy.

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This is the third talk I’ve found worthy of publishing in the Awesome Talks series. Enjoy Simon Wardley’s Researcher, Leading Edge Forum, keynote from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 called “Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones”.

Simon’s presentation technique, flair and master of language is flat out impressive — and fun!

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If you boot your ESXi hosts from SD-cards or USB you might have run into this issue. Suddenly your host(s) displays the following under events: “Bootbank cannot be found at path ‘/bootbank’.”

Usually this means that the boot device has been corrupted somehow, either due to a device failure or other issues. Normally the host continues to run, until it’s rebooted that is…

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This guest post by Bjørn Anders Jørgensen, Senior Systems Consultant Basefarm, first appeared on LinkedIn.

Before you start on this rather long post, have a go at part #1:

 tl;dr #

This is a long read. To get to the juicy part on how Intel potentially shipped pre-release microcode to partners, skip to section 3. The short, short version is that the official Intel microcode update contains newer microcode for Skylake-SP and Kaby Lake/Coffe Lake than what currently is shipping from VMware/HPE/DellEMC etc.

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This guest post by Bjørn Anders Jørgensen, Senior Systems Consultant Basefarm, first appeared on LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: This is a report based on current development as of 7. January, the situation is changing by the hour so read this opinion piece with that in hindsight.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week you will know by now that there is a universal design flaw in most modern microprocessors, leaving them vulnerable to a serious information disclosure problem that requires updates to all operating systems and processors.

If you are not familiar with the issue, start here: Meltdown and Spectre

Jan Wildeboer also has a comprehensive timeline: How we got to #Spectre and #Meltdown A Timeline

The issue has been known by Intel at least since June, and has been under embargo while everyone has been hammering out code to mitigate the threat and be ready when the embargo was lifted.

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Keeping up with tradition (you thought I was going to say Kardashians there, didn’t you?), it’s time to evaluate 2017.

My list of goals for 2017 and the verdict is as follows:

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My good friends, and fellow VMUGgers, in Denmark is once again arranging the largest VMUG event in the Nordics in January 2018.

The Nordic VMUG Conference promises to be just as awesome as previous versions, just have a look at this speaker list:

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This is the second recorded talk published in the Awesome Talks series. This time it’s Scott Hanselman’s “It’s not what you read, it’s what you ignore” talk from Dev Day in Kraków way back in 2012.

This isn’t a technical talk, it’s originally geared towards developers but Scott’s message should resonate with everyone in the tech field. In general, it’s about how you can deal with large amounts of information. Lot’s of great takeaways here!

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macOS: Vanilla

Small, unobtrusive and easy to use. That’s a pretty good description for a macOS utility I recently discovered: Vanilla (non-affiliate link).

Simply put, this little gem let’s you hide any or all menu bar icons in macOS, while still keeping them easily accessible behind a small arrow:

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This is the first post, in what hopefully will turn into a series of posts, highlighting awesome talks that are freely available. There is a lot of great content out there, both inspirational and funny, and I’ll try to publish my favorites when I find them.

So here is the first one!

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